About Cruise everyday

Welcome to Cruise Everyday. My name is PJ Morrissey and I run this whole operation. From this website, to the social media. I’m your guy.

Cruise Everyday started as an Instagram account where I would post pictures every day of cruise ships in different places. Hence the name, Cruise Everyday. As the account slowly grew from 100 to 500 to 1000 followers, I started to become inspired by other cruise enthusiasts who were writing their own blogs.

I started this blog by just writing some pretty bad news articles. I soon hopped on the trend and did my first live blog on board Royal Caribbean’s Brilliance of the Seas. It was so bad. So bad. I would do a promo and say that you should go read it, but it is so bad. I took another shot at live blogging the next year on the Norwegian Jade. That one was better, but still not great. I really got it down in 2018. I added personality and some humor and people fell head over heals for it.

Now we’re here. It’s been two years and I’m excited to see where this will go. Thank you time for reading this, but now you should go check some of my other material (there’s the promo).

I am extremely proud to announce that this blog, yes, Cruise Everyday, has been awarded one of the top 50 cruise blogs. Out of all of the cruise blogs, how are you supposed to know which ones are the best? Well, Feedspot has made that easy as they have compiled the top 50 into one post. You can choose which ones to subscribe to, and receive an email summary of every blog post posted within the past 24 hours.

I am absolutely honored to be grouped in with so many amazing cruise blogs including Royal Caribbean BlogCruise RadioCruise CriticCruise Fever, and many more! Check out Feedspot to see the whole list!

Most importantly, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of my readers and followers! None of this would have been possible without you, and for that I am forever grateful. When I started Cruise Everyday as a small Instagram account with only 25 followers, I never expected it to grow this big. Thank you.