Adventure of the Seas Day 5...Aruba


First..sorry there haven't been any pictures. I think I am emailing too many and the emails are getting stuck in the ship wifi! I will try and fix that! Today was another glorious day. This time we are in Aruba. We actually still are as I type this, as we don't leave port until 11 PM.

Today, we took the Kukoo Kunuku party bus tour. It took us to the Alta Vista Chapel, the California Lighthouse and the Mambo Beach. It was great singing and shaking our maracas all the way through. You are given a coupon book, and there is plenty to do, see, eat, and drink at the beach. My husband and daughter did a Super Mable raft activity, which was a four person raft being dragged by a speed boat. They had SO much fun. My son and I rode on the speed boat. Watching the two of them bounce around, and watching the driver laugh from the squeals that he made come from my happy daughter was a moment I will forever remember. The water was gorgeous and interestingly cool...I mean we are only 90 miles from the equator!

After we got back to port, we walked into town and had lunch at Iguana Joes. My husband LOVED it, but neither kid or myself enjoyed it. We then went on to do some shopping, and Paige got her hair braided. The hot sun of the day caught up with us, and the dinner that we planned on attending in the dining room didn't happen. We relaxed by the pool and ate in the Windjammer. Paige scampered off to kids club....well until she was told that she had to have a parent sign her in and out tonight since we are in port. Yay for safety. My husband and son went back to the pool to start watching the outdoor movie in the hot tub, and I went off the ship to do some light shopping in the terminal, and get pictures of this beautiful ship at night.

What's up for tomorrow? Paige gets advanced skating ice time with the pros on ship, which she is very excited about, and I would like to play some bingo! It's a day at sea!

Until tomorrow!

-By Jen Dubreuil: Contributing Blogger-

Hey everyone! I just received all of the emails from Jen from the previous days. I will put those pictures under the pictures from Aruba. Just keep scrolling to see them!

-PJ Morrissey: Senior Editor-

Pictures from Aruba

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Pictures from Curaçao

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Pictures from Bonaire

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