Adventure of the Seas Day 4...Curaçao


Hello from Curaçao!! We had an amazing day! We booked an excursion through Shore Excursioneer, which was a tour through Island Experience, but they just took us to Peter Tours!  Yup...confusing!

We were one of the first people off of the ship. That was a nice treat. After some pictures, we headed away from the ship where we got some more pictures with the Esther Curaçao sign. Then we headed to the bench to wait for our tour. I decided to do my daughters braids, and as soon as I started, a local lady walked up and took over. She was so sweet! She braided her hair as she told us about her three daughters.

Our excursion was AMAZING. We booked an 8 hour East side West side tour. We drove through town in a van looking at houses, stopping at a few overlooks, seeing the open air markets, and the bridge. We then stopped at the Curaçao liquor factory which was rich in information and yummy liquor! Then, we headed through town to Jan Kim where my personal vacation dream came true when we saw the famous pink flamingoes in their nautical habitat. After that, we then moved on to Boca Tabla Park where we saw the huge waves crashing against the rocks. It was majestic!

Lunch was next at the most beautiful place with yummy food. After that, we went to Knip Beach. The beach was stunningly beautiful. Paige was able to do her cliff diving, and we were able to swim in the crystal clear water. We then headed back to town. The plan was to go walk to the bridge and do some shopping, but we were exhausted. So, we stayed at the pier and did some souvenir shopping, and some liqour tasting and buying. Then....back onto the ship.

Dinner was just okay tonight....but then they brought out a super yummy birthday cake for my husband as he turned 40 today. It was very sweet. Paige and I then headed off to ice skating. My husband and son joined us. Paige was helping other skaters out as she is a competitive skater, and the pro skaters there took her aside and gave her pointers and encouraged her to continue. They even said that if she keeps it up, that she could work on the ship. They were very sweet!

Paige headed to the kids club, and the hubby, son and I went to the show "Jackpot." Thankfully, my son fell asleep which gave us the perfect reason to leave early. It was pretty awful.  It's going to be a low-key night as my son is asleep in bed, and I just peeked over at my husband and he is out, too! Too much fun had today!

We are en route to Aruba right now where we are doing a party bus excursion to Palm Beach. I am super excited to see the ship at night tomorrow, as we don't leave port until 11 p.m.

Until tomorrow!

-By Jen Dubreuil: Contributing Blogger-


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