Kid Jumps from Cruise Ship Railing into Pool


We've all experienced loud, rowdy, and annoying kids while cruising, but this new video takes it to a new level. On July, 23, 2017, a video was posted on YouTube of a boy jumping into the pool from the deck above.

The two boys, Justice and Zach, are shown at the beginning of the video planning the jump in their cabin on-board a Princess cruise ship.

The video then cuts to the kids on the deck above the pool. Both of them stand there and wait until there are no crew members in sight. They even took shots of posted warnings saying, "For Your Own Safety, Do Not Jump Or Dive Into The Pool," as if to say, "We know this is against the rules."

Once the coast was clear, one of the boys proceeded to climb up onto the railing, and jump 20 feet into the pool below. Not only was he endangering his own life, but the lives of the passengers in the pool below.

The video was posted with their room number and full names, so it's obvious that they had no intentions of hiding who they are.

If the ship had hit a rough patch of water, I would be reporting a completely different story. This is one of the stupidest things you could ever do on a cruise ship. If the boy had gotten hurt, there's no question that his parents would sue Princess for something that their son obviously did on purpose.

The rules are there for a reason. Don't be stupid and risk your life like these two boys.

-By PJ Morrissey: Senior Editor and Social Media Manager-

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