Brilliance of the Seas Review Day 3: Sea Day


Day 3- March 28- Sea Day I ended up waking up at the same time as the day before. However, I was prepared to leave this time. The night before, I put out my shoes, socks, phone, watch, headphones, and key card.

I went up to the covered part of the pool deck again and had a cup of coffee and a muffin. It was very dark out, and you could see the coastline of some island that I thought was Cuba. This part of our trip was one of the most relaxing things that I did.

After coffee, I went down to Deck 5 to head to the helipad for the sunrise. The sunrise from the helipad on the Brilliance of the Seas is one of the most beautiful things EVER. Once again, I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend it.

At 7:00, when the Windjammer finally opened, I headed up to Deck 11 for breakfast. I got myself waffles, hash browns, potato wedges, and orange juice. I got hash browns and potato wedges every morning. They tasted so good to me.

Once I finished at the Windjammer, I headed back up to our room to take a shower and clean up.

We decided to go to Chops Grille again, since we had a great experience the other time. I ordered waffles with chocolate drizzle and a cup of coffee. They also had a small buffet with fruit, cereal, milk, and desserts.

After Chops Grille, we made our way up to the Concierge Lounge on Deck 13. The night before and in the morning, our toilet was not working. We called for maintenance, but they didn't fix it. So, while we were in the lounge, we asked our concierge if she could do something to get it fixed. She called a maintenance team to go fix it, while were in the lounge, and was very rude about it.

What really made us mad was that she accused us of flushing "feminine products" and other things down the toilet. It was a total lie. We did not have a good experience with her.

Her name is Charmaine, and she is probably the most rude person we interacted with on our cruise. She really put a damper on our day.

After our bad experience with the concierge, we decide to go back to our room and relax. The toilet had started working again.

I decided, maybe twenty minutes later, that I wanted to go enjoy the view. So, I went down to Deck 5. Deck 5 has the best views EVER. The reason is that the helipad is on that deck, and there aren't usually any people. Also, there is a great view off the aft of the ship. I spent a large majority of our cruise on that deck.

After three hours on Deck 5, I headed back to our room to get dressed for dinner at Giovanni's Table. When I got back, the toilet had stopped working AGAIN. We had to go up to Deck 11 to use the bathroom, which was not OK, since one person in our party can't walk very well, and it is very hard for her to go up stairs. We called for maintenance AGAIN and then left for Giovanni's Table.

Our reservation was for 6:30. We were five minutes late. However, they didn't mind and were very nice and accommodating (unlike our concierge). Our waiter was soooo nice. He was funny and got us whatever we asked for.

Before our dinner was ready, I had to go back to our room to get a Pepcid because I was't feeling well. The ship wasn't rocky, but for some reason I could feel every wave.

By the time I got back, our food had come. I got pasta. It was really good. When the dessert cart rolled around, I got a piece of chocolate cake. It was good, but I didn't finish it because I was really full.

After dinner, we went to our room to go to bed.

When we got back to our room, it was decorated with birthday decorations for my mom and I (even though our birthdays were earlier in March). We had ordered this before we got on the ship. We ordered a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. However, we got a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting :(. It was still good.


It was a pretty relaxing day, except for our horrible experience with Charmaine, our rude concierge.