Carnival Gives Virginia Teen a $5000 Cruise for Snapchat Username


This headline hits close to home as Carnival Cruise line traded Virginia teen, Darian Lipscomb, a $5,000 cruise for his Snapchat username. Now let's be real, we all wish this could have been us! Fifteen year-old Darian created the username @CarnivalCruise back in 2012, after he took a Carnival cruise. He loved the cruise line so much that he created this Snapchat to share the fun with everyone else.


On Tuesday night, Carnival made a trip to his home in Prospect, Virginia, with a special surprise for Darian. "I answered the door, walked outside and saw my name on a big truck. I was really surprised," Darian said. Carnival showed up at his door with the proposal of a free trip on the brand new Carnival Horizon. Darian happily accepted, and him and his family will be heading out to Barcelona for the maiden voyage on March 31. They will be the first passengers to ever board Carnival Horizon. According to the organizers, Darian will receive customized surprises throughout his trip, making it a very special and unique experience.


"We thought this would be a fun way to claim our handle and reward a 'superfan' at the same time,” said Robyn Fink, a spokesperson for Carnival Cruise. She described the trip as a "once in a lifetime" experience.

Horizon is set to sail a 14 night transatlantic crossing to New York with ports of call including Malaga, Lisbon, and Halifax.

When asked what he was going to choose as his new username, he joked saying "I’ll have to think up another name. Maybe another company name!"