This Man is Suing Celebrity Cruises for His Burnt Feet


Now here's an interesting Monday morning read for you folks. I'm not so sure how to feel about this one, so I'll let you be the judge... The New York Post is reporting that Jeffery Mizel, a 66 year old man who suffers from neuropathy-induced nerve damage in his feet, and his wife Elizabeth are suing Celebrity Cruises after "scalding" his feet on board the Celebrity Silhouette back in 2014.

“It was very hot, so I went off the ship and went right back on again. I decided, 'I’m going swimming." Mizel then proceeded to walk 10 to 12 feet from his motorized cart to the pool. "Then my wife and our friend came, and they came in the pool with me and said, ‘Man, wasn’t that hot?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know,” and I looked at my feet . . . From toe to heel, the skin was just hanging off"

Due to Mizel's condition, he was immediately taken to the ships infirmary where Celebrity offered to fly him and his wife to shore, but he refused. He said that he didn't want to ruin the trip for his wife and friends.

Since the cruise, Mizel had to have his big toe amputated, while doctors have also suggested amputation of the lower leg. He is now suing Celebrity for 6 million big ones for damages.

“There was no way to think it would be that hot,” he said to the Post. “As a matter of fact I took off a pair of shoes and left them in the cart to go to the pool. If they had just given a hint that it was that hot…”

Now this is a real special one. I think that this one will end up going down like the lady who spilled the McDonald's coffee in her lap and proceeded to sue them for not telling her it was hot. I feel absolutely horrible for this man, but 6 million dollars? I don't know.