How to be the Most Hated Person on Your Cruise


We all know those people. Those stuck up people who just don't care. Now don't get me wrong, you should be worry free on your cruise, but please care just a little bit.

Chair Hogs

This is every experienced cruiser's biggest pet peeve. The people who get up at 6 AM and reserve their chairs with things like pool towels, glasses, and sometimes even their cruise cards. People do this and expect to come back in 3 hours and still have the chair and all their stuff! I took the above picture on our Norwegian Epic Cruise and all of these chairs had been reserved by 6:30 AM. Cruise lines have started to crack down on this. We've seen slips taped to the chairs after 30 minutes of vacancy telling the people where they can pick up their belongings.


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This is just flat out rude and annoying. People who smoke in their rooms, on their balconies, or in front of "no smoking" signs deserve to be thrown off the ship. We actually saw this a couple years ago on board a P&O ship. You can read the story here. They make these rules for a reason, and that reason is your own safety. Not only is it unsafe, but it's annoying. Laying in bed in the middle of night and suddenly catching the smell of smoke from next door is not a fun thing to experience.

Touching Food With Your Bare Hands

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I don't care how hungry you are. Please do not touch the buffet food with your bare hands. They give you tongs for a reason. This is how things like norovirus spread like wild fire on cruise ships. It's also gross, germy, and gross. Yes, I typed gross twice on purpose.

Cutting in Line

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I get it. Standing in line SUCKS. Unfortunately, standing in line is a big part of cruising. The buffet, embarking, disembarking, guest services, shows, etc. Think back to kindergarten when they taught us to all be nice and wait our turn. You'll get to where you're going sooner or later. Cutting just makes you THAT person.

Letting Your Children Run Free

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OH MY GOD PEOPLE. THIS IS THE WORST. My eye is twitching thinking about it. I get it. You're on a cruise where you don't want any worries except what you should order from the bar next, but if you unfortunately decided to bring your kids then please, i beg of you, please keep them under control. It's cute and all until it's 10 PM and their little feet are pounding on the deck above you back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth.


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I will never forget the time we were standing in line for a tender and this married couple WOULD NOT stop complaining about how things were being run during the whole cruise. We don't all need to hear your complaints, so please just save them for guest services. It just makes you seem snobby and stuck up.

Well if your goal is to be the most hated person on your next cruise, then take this article with you. If not, good for you!