Day 5- Norwegian Jade Live Blog April 13, 2017- Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras


Today we are in Roatan, Honduras! We decided that we were going to do a Best of Roatan tour. This morning I got up early to try and upload pictures for my last blog post. However, the internet hadn't worked the whole day before and wasn't working then. This is the reason why the Costa Maya blog was so late.

We went to Moderno for breakfast for the breakfast menu and buffet. I got a waffle with butter, syrup, and whipped cream. It was so good!

We got off of the ship at around 10:00. We made our way to where we were supposed to be, and met our driver, Jo. She was super helpful and really nice! First, she brought us to the west side of the island where all of the villages were. She told us a lot about the history and then brought us to a local super market. We bought banana soda and grape soda. They were both super sweet. Before going to see monkeys, she took us to the top of the mountain, where you could see the ship and the whole island. It was beautiful.

There was also a family there selling jewelry that they hand made with mahogany wood. I bought a really cool bracelet!

After we left the mountain view, Jo took us to Victor Bodden's Monkey Business! Here they have monkeys, toucans, iguanas, deer, and sloths. We had a very nice tour guide named Deen. He told us all about all of the animals and let us play with them. All of the animals were super funny! The monkeys that we got to play with kept reaching into our pockets and chewing on our stuff! The sloth was also one of my favorites. She was so chill and gave us hugs and kisses.

Included in our package that we bought, we got to go zip lining. The zip line was really long and fun. There were eleven total zip lines. The two guys with us did a really good job at keeping us calm and keeping us safe.

After we finished zip lining, we decided to make our way back to the ship. We did some port shopping and then got back on the ship at 3:00. For lunch/dinner, we went to O'Sheehan's. We got wings, nachos, and artichoke dip. My favorite appetizer was the wings. For my entrée, I got a cheeseburger. All of the cheeseburgers I've had so far this cruise have been really good, and so was this one.

Around dinner time, none of us were hungry, so we just went to Mixers Martini and Cocktail Bar for some drinks. We then headed to the magic/comedy show at 7:20. The magician was Bob, and he was super funny. He included the audience in everything he did, which made it even better.

After the show, I got the privilege to talk with our cruise director, Dan Olsson, or as everyone else knows him, "Dan the Man." Dan was our cruise director five years ago on the Norwegian Jewel during our Thanksgiving cruise. I was so happy to hear that he would be our cruise director again, since he was such an amazing cruise director last time. He told me that he will only be on the Jade for two more cruises, until she does the transatlantic to Europe. Dan will then go to the Norwegian Sun for Alaskan cruises. Dan has done such an amazing job so far, and if I could, I would have him as my cruise director every time.

I also got the privilege to talk with our concierge, Omar O'Besso. He has done such an amazing job! He is so nice and extremely accommodating. There isn't anything he can't do! He got us a bridge tour for Saturday, so stay tuned for pictures and video of that! He has done an excellent job meeting and exceeding all of our needs!

All of the Norwegian Cruise Line staff has done such an amazing job and have been so friendly! I really appreciate all that they have done!

We then headed back to our cabin to go to bed.

Today was my favorite day! I loved seeing how everyone lives, and learning about their culture! I highly, highly recommend taking a Victor Bodden tour if you are ever in Roatan!


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Random Thoughts:

  • The Norwegian Jade is really big considering that she is perceived as "small" compared to newer ships.