The World's Largest Cruise Ships


If you haven’t yet experienced the magnificent offerings of a cruise ship, you’re missing out! Unlike other holidays where you have to organize everything from accommodations, to getting around, to hopelessly trying to hurdle language barriers, cruising allows you to enjoy every moment from the time you dock, to when you return home a few days later.

One of the big attractions of cruises is that they’re suitable for pretty much anyone. Taking the kids on holidays with you? Take them on a cruise where they can enjoy a series of games and classes on board. Looking for a getaway with your significant other? Forget all about the stresses of everyday life by going on a cruise that you’ll soon wish would never end.

It was just over a year ago that Royal Caribbean launched Harmony of the Seas from the port of Southampton. The liner assumed the mantle of the world’s largest cruise ship, after being constructed by 2,500 workers to the sum of just under one billion dollars. A place on board will cost you, but in return you’ll get a vast array of wonderful ways to pass the time in luxurious fashion. Many people who experience cruise holidays remember them fondly for years to come.

The infographic above, which was produced by Nature’s Water (, offers a glimpse of what’s on-board the 10 largest cruise ships in the world. It’s only a short cross-section of what each ship offers, so if these seem impressive to you, make sure to experience them for yourself when you get the opportunity!

Cruise Ship

-By Tom Murphy: Contributing Blogger-