Adventure of the Seas Day 2...Day at Sea


Hi again from the middle of the Caribbean! We had a wonderful day aboard the ship. We are early risers, so we got up and enjoyed a relaxing breakfast in the Windjammer. Later, we enjoyed some morning pool time. Then, we decided to go and see what the compass had to offer. This took us to the Schooner Bar where, with the great help of our 12 year old daughter, we won trivia! We then went on to be one of the top five in the word search challenge. It was great family fun time! We then headed up to deck 13 for some FlowRider action. My husband and daughter completed it, but my son got too scared. The staff was beyond great trying to convince him he would be okay. After a Mommy pep talk, I convinced him to do it. He got back in line with his sister who have him a very long pep talk the whole way through the line. Once again, the staff was AMAZING. They took their time teaching him even though there was a big line. The crowd even cheered for him loudly when he was able to do it! Yay! Since that took a lot longer than expected, we lost our lunch time. After a quick change of clothes, we headed to grab a piece of pizza, and then to the Ice Show (which was AMAZING....loud...but amazing).

The water slides were next on our to do list. We changed back into our swim gear and headed out. We waited in line and climbed the steps....and then my son and I climbed all the way back down. Man....that is high. My husband and daughter had a blast, even though they said that the slides were really slow. Paige LOVED going on the one with the clear section that has you out over the sea. Pool time and a Piña Colada with pineapple was next on deck, followed by pre-formal night prep, pictures, and dinner.

Paige and Connor happily scampered off to Adventure Ocean while my husband and I went to the casino, looked in the shops, and now are lounging on the pool deck with a Lava Flow and Margarita Azul. A movie on deck and swimming are next as we sail towards our highly anticipated stop in Bonaire!

Until tomorrow!!!!

-By Jen Dubreuil: Contributing Blogger-


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