Adventure of the Seas Day 3....Bonaire


Hello again! We are currently sailing at a snails pace between Bonaire and Curaçao. Captain Sean McDuff (awesome name) said that even sailboats could beat us....Bonaire, Curaçao and Aruba are so close so that's how it is. Bonaire was amazing! I did a lot of research and found a fantastic water taxi company, contacted them before hand, and found out where to find them. Once off the ship, it was a short walk to the Caribe Watersports tent where we obtained our water taxi tickets for transport over to Klein and No Name Beach. We were sent over to the pier to wait for the taxi, and there was a nice little beach right there that the kids could play in the water while waiting. It was perfect! The taxi came and we loaded up for a bumpy ride (27 knot winds) over to the most amazing uninhabited island called Klein.

Klein is a highly coveted and guarded area due to its protected reef systems. They will not allow selling of anything on the beach, there are no bathrooms, and there are only two postage size tables with cover.

We got there and after applying a massive amount of sunscreen, we headed up the beach to an entrance point into the reef. There is a well marked natural entry way into the reef. You are not allowed to go in anywhere else. This was the first time we were using our full face snorkels. My daughter (she is 12) and I left my husband and son at the start of the entryway as my son was scared. The snorkeling was AMAZING.....but very very hard. It is supposed to be a very easy 20 feet snorkel back down to where the taxi dropped us off, but with the winds being so high, and the water being was a struggle. This also cut down the amount of sea life that we saw. We made it about 3/4 of the way down the snorkel route, and then my daughter started to hyperventilate. Thankfully, my husband was able to see this, and the fact that I couldn't hear what Paige was saying, as you can't hear anything with full face snorkels. He found his own natural break in the reef and rescued us. Apparently, he and Connor didn't make it far either. He also had a panic attack due to the overwhelming depth of the drop off on the side of the reef system that we were swimming on. So, he decided that they would follow our snorkel path along shore just incase anything happened to us. I am glad he did!

After recovering and convincing Paige that she didn't ruin what I hoped would be the best snorkel of our lives, we took a gorgeous walk along the waters edge, and then came back and played as a family. We stayed on Klein for about 3 hours, and then took the water taxi back to town. Caribe was great! They even offered to take family pictures of us!

Once back in town, we continued a great day. There are only 4 stores in port, two generic souvenir stores, and two jewelry stores (no Diamonds International). We decided to walk, and I am sooo glad that we did. We came across an open air market where Paige purchased a super cute necklace made of something indigenous to Bonaire (I can't remember), and some salt products as you just have to buy when you are in Bonaire. At this point we were starving and moved further into town. Most places were full. We finally came across a cute little restaurant called Karel's. It was so yummy and they had the best staff! We will definitely go back!

Shopping at some local shops with some original handmade items was next on the list. I picked up a couple of flamingo items made of local drift wood, which I adore. Then the time was coming to head back to the ship, but there was still enough time to take one more dip at that beach we used in the morning while waiting for the taxi! Did I mention that the beach is right at the port and free? Paige had watched a bunch of locals jump off the pier into the water by the ship and begged to do that, so she got one last Bonaire hurrah!

Back on the ship, we quickly changed clothes and headed up to Family Bingo. We were told that this activity is usually really busy, but we were the only four there! The kids ended up leaving with two Inky stuffed animals, a beach towel, a backpack, and a hat.

Dinner was Italian night tonight. We were our waiters only customers tonight, so we got amazing service with way way way too much food brought out. He was so attentive to the kids, and taught them magic tricks with promises of more tomorrow night. Paige then headed off to kids club while my husband, son and I head off to the illusionist show. Now....a drink and a movie on the pool deck!

Tomorrow is Curaçao!!!

-By Jen Dubreuil: Contributing Blogger-


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