One more day until Adventure: Pre-Blog


We have made it a practice to fly down the day before our cruise. We do this for several reasons. Most importantly, we do it to take the worry of travel delays out of the equation. The sun was barely rising when we left the house this morning, as we started our journey to Puerto Rico. BWI (Baltimore Washington International Airport) is our closest airport, and I was excited to experience their new luggage self check. Well, that didn't go as easily as I had expected. Between the amount of people flying out on a busy summer Friday morning, and the lack of organization that Southwest was a challenge. We were through security quickly and waiting at our gate with plenty of time to grab a snack, and fully wake up.

The flight was easy after a 25 minute delay. Apparently another flyer wasn't feeling good, and decided to get off the plane, which caused a manifest change. Then the pilot wanted the fuel to be double checked as we were sitting idle for awhile, and we would be flying the majority of the flight over water. We were eventually off on a very smooth flight. Once we landed, baggage claim went smoothly, and we found our shuttle through Green Transportation.

The Condado Plaza Hilton is where we are staying, and it is absolutely lovely. There are four pools, along with a beach, many sports, plenty of hammocks, and way too many bars to count. Check-in was interesting as the room we booked, which would allow us to wake to a beautiful view of Adventure tomorrow, wasn't the room they had us down for. After some insistence, we got our correct room. We then put our bathing suits on and headed to the pool! This is where we will stay for the evening as we settle into the relaxation that vacation is bringing.

I should add that we have a muppet flamingo named Lady Haha, that you will be seeing in many pictures. Two summers ago we took a gnome with us, and he traveled everywhere on the cruise with us. He even got a picture with the captain of Freedom of the Seas! Since we are going to to Bonaire and Curaçao, which are famous for flamingoes, we decided to bring our favorite little pink friend.

Off to jump in the pool with the kiddos and grab a drink with my husband. Tomorrow is embarkation day!!

-By Jen Dubreuil: Contributing Blogger-


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