The Best Cruise Ship Outlet Life Saver


We've all had that problem of not having enough plugs in our cruise ship stateroom. You have to rotate out all of the things that need to charge. If you've ever tried to take a plain old power strip on-board, you know that you're taking the risk of security confiscating it. Not anymore! plug

The MOGICS Donut travel power strip eliminates all of these worries. It's round, so it won't catch a security officers eye; it includes a plug converter for ships with foreign outlets (which is tucked right into the "donut hole"); and it has two USB plugs and five normal plugs. It is also very lightweight and small (I can fit it in my hand and wrap the tops of my fingers around it). Another cool thing is that the round shape makes it so when you have to plug-in really big things, they don’t cover up any other plugs.


This power strip will change the way you cruise! It's something that everyone needs to have to eliminate the stress of not having enough plugs. It's also excellent for hotels where there are limited outlets! I take mine with me wherever I travel. You can get it on Amazon by clicking one of the pictures above, or by clicking here!

-By PJ Morrissey: Senior Editor and Social Media Manager-