Cruise Tips for a First Time Cruiser


Before you set sail on your first cruise, there are a couple of cruise tips that you must know. Whether you have never been on a cruise, or you've been on more than you can count, below are some good tips either way!

Cruise Tips- #1 Shore Excursions

Cruise Tips- Costa Maya

Shore Excursions are things that cruise lines allow passengers to do while in port. Each shore excursion is different with each port. They range from tours, to swimming with the dolphins, to biking around an island. After you book your cruise, the cruise line will push you to book an excursion through them. What they don't tell you is that the rates they give you are higher than of other third party operators. Look around on the internet for excursions you might like for a cheaper price before you decide whether to book through the line or not.

Cruise Tips- #2 Flying in the same day your cruise leaves

Delta Flight- Cruise Tips

Booking a flight for the same day your cruise embarks is one of the biggest rookie mistakes. If you've ever flown, you know there are delays and that the airline doesn't care that you have a ship to catch at 4 PM.  Eliminate the risk of not getting to the port by flying in one to two days before your cruise. This allows you extra time if your flight is delayed or canceled. Also, the cities that you are staying in are usually really cool, so take advantage! Book a tour or do some research on something you might like to do on the extra day you have!

Cruise Tips- #3 Exploring Ports of Call

Cruised tip- Jade in Roatan

Exploring the ports of call is one of the most fun things that you can do on a cruise. It allows you to experience a different culture and gives you life-long memories that you will never forget. Do some research online before you go to see some things that you or your family might enjoy while in that port. Also, make sure you have a good camera to capture all of these amazing memories. I recommend the Canon T6 bundle from Amazon for a very reasonable price. I have a Canon myself and absolutely love it!

Cruise Tips- #4 WiFi On-Board

WiFi On-Board- Cruise Tips

If you're like me, you need to know what's going on in the world on social media. However, WiFi on cruise ships can be expensive. It can sometimes be upwards of $25 an hour. Also, the WiFi in the middle of the ocean is slower than dial-up back in the 90's. What I'm trying to say is that WiFi on cruise ships is really not worth it. Try disconnecting for the duration of your cruise (unless you're like me who has to put out a blog everyday). After the second day you'll start to wonder why you don't do this on every vacation you go on.

Cruise Tips- #5 Turn off Cellular Data Roaming!!

NCL Jade Sea Day- Cruise Tips

This is a very important cruise tip! Even though people might enjoy seeing your cruise vacation on your Snapchat story, it's not worth your phone carrier charging you $3 a megabyte. You can avoid this by turning of data roaming in the settings of your phone. If you have an iPhone, open the settings app>Cellular>Cellular Data Options>Roaming> Voice & Data Roaming off. If you don't feel like doing this you can just put your phone in airplane mode.

I hope that you found these tips helpful, and if you did, check out 10 Essential Things Everyone MUST have on a Cruise! If you enjoyed, please be sure to share! Have an AMAZING cruise!