Fathom Cruises Sails into the Sunset for the Last Time


Carnival Corporation announced on November 26, 2016, that they will cease to operate their newest brand, Fathom Travel. Fathom's only ship, the Fathom Adonia, will sail it's last cruise in summer of 2017. This comes less than a year and half after they began operating. The Adonia will return back to its original fleet with P&O Cruises. Carnival Corporation reports that the Fathom experience will still live on. They announced that passengers on six of their other cruise lines will be able to experience the "voluntourism" way of cruising.

"Fathom is continuing, but just in a different form working through all our brands," Carnival spokesman Roger Fitzgerald reported. "We are anxious to see it grow and expand in other ways going forward."

Fathom began sailing to the Dominican Republic in early April of 2016. A month later, in May, the Fathom Adonia was the first cruise ship to sail to Cuba in 50 years.

The loss of the cruise line is reportedly do to lack of profitability. I think this might be because this is a new way of cruising, and people who are accustomed to the normal way of cruising are skeptical to try this. People are used to shore excursions that include swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, and tours, not taking an hour bus ride to go volunteer in a village of less fortunate people.

Personally I think this is a great new way to cruise, and I think it's really unfortunate that Fathom hasn't done better. I will be really interested to see if these shore excursions catch on with Carnival Corporation's other cruise lines.