Goodbye Norwegian Breakaway: Hello Norwegian Escape!


Well it's official. The Norwegian Breakaway left New York City for good yesterday. It was a sad sight for avid Breakaway cruisers and everyday New Yorkers, as she sailed past the Statue of Liberty before leaving for Europe. Some may even say that they lost a piece of the famous New York skyline that she has made herself apart of since her debut in 2013. Even though she's gone, Norwegian Breakaway will never forget her roots. I mean, the New York City skyline is painted on her hull. She is literally taking New York everywhere with her. Almost like a souvenir from where she used to live. Unless NCL decides to paint over it like they did with the Dawn. I think that would be a dumb move on their part, but we'll see. Yesterday Breakaway set off from Pier 88 on last time to sail a 12 night transatlantic crossing to Southampton. From there she, she will move on to 9 night cruises from Scandinavia and Russia. She will come back to her home once in the winter, and sail one cruise before heading to the Big Easy.

Check out this awesome tribute video to the Breakaway by Robbie O'Malley:

Taking her spot in New York will be the Norwegian Escape. It will be a nice change of view for the crew of the Escape, and New Yorkers. Since her debut in 2015, Escape has been sailing out of Miami. On April 22, she will assume the position and take over Breakaway's year-round cruises from New York, to Bermuda and the Caribbean.

I had the privilege of seeing Breakaway up close and personal back in November, and boy was it a sight. That's how I got the awesome featured image for this post, and my pretty neat profile picture (credit to Dan Morrissey since he always bugs me to give credit to him for that pic)! She really is amazing. From her detailed hull art, to her custom New York theme restaurants. She's nothing to pass up. Goodbye Breakaway, New York will miss you! Take Care!