Carnival Cruise Line Raises Price for Faster to the Fun


Carnival Cruise line has raised the price of their Faster to the Fun perk on-board their newest ship, the Carnival Horizon sailing out of Miami.

Carnival rep. John Heald stated on Facebook that the new rates include $109.95 for six day sailings, up from $89.95, and $119.95 for eight day sailings, up from $99.95. What’s included in this price? Good question. Passengers who purchase Faster to the Fun receive the privileges of priority screening, check-in, and boarding; first access to staterooms; priority luggage service; dedicated guest services line; dining reservations; water shuttle priority; and debarkation choices. That’s 110% worth it if you ask me. It seems like it was a steal at the old price. To me, that’s like not having to pay thousands of dollars more for the Haven on Norwegian to receive these perks. Minus all the other thing the Haven offers, of course.

Carnival must limit the amount of these passes sold on each sailing, depending on the number of Diamond and Platinum guests booked. Therefore, the number of FTTF passes available differ for each sailing.

Faster to the Fun prices are pictured below:



I would once again like to apologize for not posting on Friday. Hurricane Michael unleashed himself on our power lines, and we were out of power for a day. We’re lucky we got power back as fast as we did, because many people are still without it.