Day 7- Norwegian Jade Live Blog April 15, 2017- Sea Day


Today is our last day on board the beautiful Norwegian Jade. It has been an absolutely amazing cruise so far. For breakfast we went to Moderno. I got one of their famous plain waffles. The waffle was so good. They are so fluffy and taste so good.

After breakfast, I went to a question and answer session with the captain and a couple of his officers. People asked some pretty interesting questions. For example, how many rolls of toilet paper are used on one 7 day cruise? This one seemed to stump all of them! The captain was very funny! He has a very dry sense of humor. He said that he had been a captain for 20 years, 17 with Norwegian. He's been on the Norway, Pearl, Jewel, Spirit, Dawn, Jade, and Star. He has even been on some of those ships a couple of times!

Our amazing concierge, Omar O'Besso, scored us a bridge tour! I remember getting one on our Norwegian Jewel cruise in 2012, so I asked him if we could have one this time. He told me that they stopped doing them fleet wide after the terrorist attacks in France, due to safety. However, Omar worked his amazing magic and got us a bridge tour. We were there with one other family, and it was very informative. The Norwegian Jade weighs about 92,000 tons, and the top cursing speed is 25 knots. The captain told us that when the ship is fully loaded with fuel, it could do the 7 day itinerary we did 4 times before they ran out! I thought that was crazy! Below are some pictures that I took during the tour!

[metaslider id=2058]

After our tour, we went to the photo gallery to pick up all of our pictures. Before our cruise we bought the 10 picture photo package, and got one extra picture for free, since we bought it online. It was really hard to pick only 11 pictures. When we went to check out, they told us that if we came back at 10:00 PM, then we could get a free USB with our pictures on it. The USB is a model of an NCL ship. The whole thing took about an hour.

We then headed to Tradewinds, the duty free shop on board. They were having a sale on shirts and items with their logo on it. I bought three shirts: two for me, one to giveaway. I also bought two magnets for me and one to giveaway.

For lunch, we went to Cagney's Steakhouse. I got the New York Strip Steak, Flounder, and once again, the Fettuccine Alfredo with Porcini Mushrooms. It was all very good except for the flounder. The flounder wasn't bad, I just didn't like the fishy taste.

After lunch, I went to the Haven to relax on our last day before being thrown back to reality. I will be posting a separate review on the Haven and our room sometime in the near future.

Later, I just walked around the ship and took pictures of everything I thought you guys would like to see! I took a lot, and you can look forward to that coming soon in an overall review of our whole experience!!

At 4:00, we went to the Spinnaker Lounge for a game of Bingo. It was very fun, however all of the seats were taken, so we had to stand.

For dinner, we ordered room service from our amazing butler, Rizaldy Espanol. I ordered macaroni and cheese along with a BLT sandwich. Both of these meals were excellent! I had to pack up my bags and eat at the same time. So that put kind of a damper on our last dinner.

For our last show, we went to see Arvin Mitchell's adult-only show. I had been looking forward to it all day, so I was super excited to go! The show was at 10:30 in the Spinnaker Lounge. When we arrived there at 10:15, there was no place to sit and the place was packed! His show was hysterical! I got picked on a couple of times since I was standing right in the middle of the isle. He also recognized me because of my camera from the other night, and made me come sit up front on stage to make sure I wasn't recording him! After the show, I got the amazing pleasure of meeting him! I was so happy that I think I smiled for the rest of the night! I gave him some of my cards and he thought Cruise Everyday was really cool! So you know, Arvin if you are reading this, feel free to reach out to me on one of my social media accounts, or contact me from the information on the back of that card! I really hope that I get to see him sometime again. I think he is the next big and up and coming comedian! Thanks for the laughs and the tears, Arvin!!

After Arvin's show, we headed to O'Sheehan's for one last strawberry daiquiri before our cruise was over! We ended up getting to bed at around 1:00. The next day we would have to get up early to disembark.


Haven guest are offered priority disembarkation in the morning. There are many different times that you can choose from. We chose 9:00. We said goodbye to our butler, Rizaldy, and to the Haven butler, Jeffrey, and headed to O'Sheehan's to meet Omar for disembarkation. Like always Omar was very kind and provided us with a lot of help and information for a quick and easy disembarkation. We were off the ship in less than 20 minutes.


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Random Thoughts:

  • This has definitely been my most favorite and most memorable cruise so far! A lot of it is thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line and the amazing crew on board the Norwegian Jade!