My Cruising Gear


If you're anything like me, there are just some things that you MUST have with you while cruising. For me, my gear includes a long list of electronics and accessories.

1. MacBook AirMy Gear

I recently purchased a 13" MacBook Air for around $700. It's in excellent condition with no scratches or dents. The hard drive capacity is 256 gigabytes, and it has an 8 gigabyte RAM. So far, I absolutely love it. It's light, sturdy, and very sleek. The MacBook Air is perfect for getting up early in the morning and writing all about my past day while out at sea!

2. Canon Cameras and Lenses My Gear

I currently own 3 canon cameras. One Canon EOS Rebel T3, and two Canon EOS Rebel T3i's. These cameras are extremely easy to use, and they always give me a nice crisp shot! Along with my cameras, I have a pretty wide assortment of lenses. I have two 18-55mm standard lenses, one 10-18mm wide angle lens (perfect for getting shots of the entire ship), one 55-250mm zoom lens, one 75-300mm Ultrasonic zoom lens, and one 50mm macro lens. All of these lenses always allow me to get the exact shot that I want!

3. Camera Tripod and Microphone

My Gear

If you have ever taken a video with a DSLR, you know that it's always better to have a tripod and an external microphone. I always like to take video of sail-away, the ocean on sea days, and a ship tour. I bought a very inexpensive high quality microphone on Amazon, and it works just as well as a Rhode Microphone! The tripod I use for the ship tour is 10 inches tall, and very flexible. The one I have for sail-away and ocean shots can get all the way up to 70 inches. It also doubles as a monopod! 

4. External Hard Drive

Again, if you're anything like me, you take thousands of pictures of everything you want to remember. This usually means that you fill up SD cards fast. To eliminate this, I travel with a 1 TB hard drive wherever I go. It's probably one of the smartest things I've done. All of my pictures are in one place, and I can access them whenever I want.

5. Battery Packs

I can kill my iPhone battery in a matter of 5 hours with all of the work that I do. That is why I never cruise without my two external battery packs. They can charge my phone to 100% in an hour multiple times on one charge. They really are great to have wherever you are!

6. LifeProof Case

I recently picked up a LifeProof case for my iPhone 7 Plus, and now I will never go anywhere without it. It is super sturdy and protects my phone really well! Whether you're walking in port and drop your phone, or you're on the pool deck and your phone gets splashed, LifeProof will have your back!

7. Mogics Power Donut

My Gear

The Mogics Power Donut is a power strip in the shape of a donut. It makes it so when you have to plug in really big things, they don't cover up any other plugs. It also has a plug converter attached to it inside the "donut hole." Here's the thing I absolutely love about it. You can get it past security on cruise ships because it's not in the shape of a strip! I've done this multiple times without any problem. Then I never have to worry about never having enough plugs in my stateroom!