Norwegian Cruise Line Cabins: The Two-Bedroom Haven Family Villa


I would like to start of this post with an apology for not posting an article yesterday and the day before. This post was originally supposed to come out yesterday, but my internet went out. No excuses. Okay now onto what you came for.

On our recent Norwegian Epic cruise this past March, we had the opportunity to stay in Norwegian’s Two-Bedroom Family Villa in the Haven. This is the second time we’ve sailed in the two-bedroom villa (once back in 2017 on the Jade).

The room can accommodate up to 6 people and includes a living room, a dining area, two bedrooms (duh), and two full bathrooms. That’s a load of crap. Literally. The four of us fit into the room very nicely. Two slept in the master, and two of us in the second bedroom. The second bedroom includes a sleeper couch (I would say it’s a deluxe twin, but wider), and I slept on the bunk that comes out of the ceiling over the couch. Boy was it an adventure trying to go pee in the middle of the night. The second bedroom has no natural lighting, so it is pitch black with no lights on. I left the bathroom light on during the night, since the door was frosted, which provided some light in the dark of night. The master is right off of the master bath which is open to the world. Fortunately, there is a giant black-out curtain to block out any light. There is also a sliding door that separates the master bed and bath from the rest of the stateroom.

Now this master bath. This kick-ass (pardon my French, but it was necessary to get the point across) master bathroom. This thing is awesome. It has his and her sinks, a walk-in shower that could fit at least 4 normal sized people (no, I didn’t try it), a separate area with a door for the toilet, and a giant Jacuzzi tub. Oh. Did I mention the kick-ass (sorry Mom) ocean view??? There is a floor to ceiling, wall to wall window in the shower (don’t worry, it’s tinted so dolphins can’t see in), and then another window over the Jacuzzi tub.

The shower gets its own paragraph. It’s that awesome. It is an amazing (not to mention relaxing) experience to shower with a view. It may sound weird, but you should try it. You’ll see what I mean. AND, you don’t pay the water bill so you can stay in for as long as you want. The shower also has like 800 different sprayers, nozzles, and settings that the user can adjust. It really is special.

I won’t go in depth for the second bathroom as much as I did for the master. There’s not really much to it. It’s definitely a one person bathroom. It has a walk-in shower, a toilet, and a sink. All right next to each other. That’s pretty much it.

The dining/living room is very spacious. There’s a little table in the dining area that has two chairs. We never really sat there more than one person at a time, and it wasn’t even for meals. We kept a lot of our daily use stuff on it instead. The couch is a sleeper, and the room is fitted with a flat screen TV (there’s also one in each bedroom).

The entrance to the balcony is right off of the living room. Boy is that balcony nice. It is super deep and can fit a lot of people. Not to mention the killer views. You do have to be careful, though. One night of our cruise, I slammed my head against a steal beam behind my chair when I was laughing, and had to use some Grey Goose Vodka to ice it. Oops.



When you book into The Haven (which I highly recommend), you have access to a 24 hour butler service, the private Haven Sundeck, a private Haven dining room on Breakaway class ships and newer (Cagney’s or Moderno for breakfast on Jewel class ships and older). Haven guests also receive priority embarkation and disembarkation in all ports. The Haven by Norwegian Cruise Line is truly the best in the industry. NCL has it down to a tee when it comes to VIP experiences, speaking from my personal experience.

We have sailed three cruises in The Haven with Norwegian, and we have never had a bad experience. We are always treated with respect, and our needs are always exceeded. The biggest reason that we book in The Haven is that it is extremely handicap friendly. My sister, Emily, has mobility issues, so walking in tight spaces or large crowds isn’t the easiest. The Haven eliminates all of this. When she’s in her wheelchair, someone always offers to push (whether they are required to or not). Norwegian takes the stress of sailing with these challenges, and throws them overboard with no life ring. We have never had an issue.

Here is a video I took before the room was ready on our embarkation day. These rooms are pretty much exactly the same across the fleet (besides decoration), so this can apply to any ship.

I highly reccomend that you cruise in The Haven at some point in your life. It is a truly unforgettable experience. Yes it may be a rather larger chunk of change, but it is most definitely, 110% worth every penny. Even if you don’t book a cruise in The Haven, cruise with Norwegian. They are amazing. (This is not a paid advertisement or anything like that. This is my genuine opinion.)