NCL Unveils Features for Norwegian Bliss


On Sunday, August 13, 2017, Norwegian Cruise Line released artist renderings of what their newest ship, the Norwegian Bliss, will have to offer. Some of these features include a two deck race track, laser tag, a chocolate shop, a Texas barbecue restaurant, a water slide that goes out over the ship, and two racing slides. Cruise News

The race track will be on the top deck of the ship and feature fully electric race cars that can reach 30 miles per hour. A similar race track is already on-board the Norwegian Joy, but this race track will be much longer.

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The chocolate dessert shop will be known as Coco's, an à la carte restaurant. The venue will feature a massive chocolate fountain in the middle, and a menu including truffles, crepes, and pralines.

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Another new à la carte restaurant on the Bliss will be the Texas barbecue restaurant, Q. Some dishes will include brisket, ribs, chicken and sausages, with sides including breadcrumb-crusted mac-n-cheese, deviled eggs with natural air-cured ham, and baked sweet potatoes in pecan honey butter and cinnamon.

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An abandon space station will be the setting for the outdoor laser tag course on-board Bliss. Laser tag, along with the race track, will require an extra charge, undisclosed by NCL at this time.

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The slides will provide passengers with an exhilarating experience as they are brought out over the side of the ship. Bliss will also include two slides that will allow passengers to race each other in rubber inner tubes.

Other features will include a district brew house and a complimentary pub. The Norwegian Bliss is sure going to impress. Andy Stuart, president and CEO of NCL, made a statement saying, "Norwegian Bliss will no doubt be our most incredible ship to date. We have elevated Norwegian Bliss’s onboard experience to new heights, bringing the best features from across our fleet plus exciting new first-at-sea activities."

-By PJ Morrissey: Senior Editor and Social Media Manager-