Where Have I Been and What's Next?


Well it’s been awhile. More like 6 months. Where have I been? Well there’s a lot, but this is a cruise website and I won’t go too far into the nitty gritty. One of the issues was I became burnt out and I was no longer enjoying this. I want this to feel like a hobby and be enjoyable rather than feeling like a job that I have to stress over everyday. Also, people are mean on the internet. I mean God forbid someone disagrees with one of your opinions or doesn’t like what you have to say. MOVING ON: I will be trying to post more than I have been recently. I can’t guarantee that it will be daily since my schedule is so busy, but I’ll give it my hardest try.

With all of that out of the way, I am VERY excited to announce that we have booked a cruise on the Norwegian Jewel! The cruise embarks on June 22, 2020 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The NCL technical name for it is “7-Day Alaska with Glacier Bay from Vancouver (Northbound).” This will be our fifth cruise as a family and our second time sailing on the Jewel. The first time we sailed on the Jewel was back in 2012 out of New York City. This was my first ever cruise and our first cruise as a family. It will be cool to be back on the Jewel and have a certain sense of nostalgia. This time we will be celebrating a birthday and a graduation, and you can bet your butt I’ll be live blogging the whole thing.

We are going to be staying in room 10504, the Haven Deluxe Owner’s Suite on deck 10. We came very close to booking our usual 2 Bedroom Haven Suite directly in the Haven; however, with the views in Alaska we wanted the two large balconies so we can see the spectacular views from every angle. The front balcony is absolutely crazy. It’s huge and is the perfect balcony for sight-seeing. The side balcony is also larger than most and even includes lounge chairs in some cases. We actually stayed in the Deluxe Owner’s Suite seven years ago, but that was stateroom 10004. The only difference this time is that we will be on the other side of the ship. We usually like to be on the Starboard side of the ship, but 10004 was already booked. The Owner’s Suite Balconies on deck 10 are larger than the ones on deck 9 so that’s why we picked it. I’ll do a more in depth post on why we picked this Stateroom sometime in the near future.

The Norwegian Jewel has also been completely refurbished since the last time we sailed, so I am also excited to see what has changed. I will also try and do a post about the refurbs soon. Until then, thanks for those who stick with me for this adventure. Bon voyage!