LIVE on Norwegian Epic Preamble: Let's Go to Florida!


The time has FINALLY come! We are sitting in our hotel room at the port as I write this! Excitement is in the air! We have a really good view of Port Canaveral, and can see the Disney Dream and Majesty of the Seas from the window of our hotel room. On the way down yesterday, our flight was delayed by an hour, before we even got to the Richmond Airport, so we had some time to kill. We finally took off at 5:45 and landed in Sanford at around 7:30. Sanford is such a nice, small, and friendly airport! Everyone was super helpful, especially with Emily, who was in her wheel chair.

Okay now it's time for a story: I ended up switching seats on the plane with a man so he could sit next to his wife who needed extra help getting on and off the plane, which meant I gave up my aisle seat for a window seat. That was no problem for me! I was happy to do so! The problem was the woman who sat next to me! I should've known this was gonna be a rough flight when she started off by rubbing hand sanitizer all over the seats her family of four were sitting in. She then proceeded to apply hand sanitizer to not only her hands, but her two daughter's and husband's hand every 10 minutes. I kid you not! It was every ten minutes. I checked. Mid way through the flight I got bored and decided to have a little fun. I started to sneeze and cough a couple of times, just to see what she would do. Boy was that funny! She was squirming in her skin! I was half expecting her to pull out a can of Lysol and spray it in my eyes like pepper spray! You can call me mean, but if you were there you would COMPLETELY understand!

Instead of renting a car and having to park at the port for a week, we took an Uber from the airport to our hotel, Radisson Resort at the Port. Our Uber driver, Scott, was super nice and extremely helpful! The fare from Sanford Airport to the port was just over $100, and it took about an hour.


Dinner consisted of some risky burgers and chicken tenders from the hotel restaurant, but hey, we hadn't eaten in what seemed like years, so it did its job.

Our hotel is super nice and clean! We have two queens and pull out couch for the four of us. The beds are in one room, and the couch in the living room to provide some extra space for us!

As for today, the plan is to just chill! I'm headed over to the port later to get some shots of the Disney Dream and Majesty of the Seas sail away. I will be streaming this live on Instagram at around 4, so be sure to hop on the stream!

Tomorrow is the big day! CRUISE DAYYYYYY!!! We will be up bright and early to head to the port! I will also be live on Instagram allll day tomorrow, so stay tuned there for more! Live blogs will start on Sunday, April 1. Right here. On! Norwegian Epic here we come! See you then!

Pictures from Our Journey