Quantum of the Seas



Year built: 2014

Speed: 22 kn

Passengers: 4,180

Crew: 1,500

168k tons

18 decks


The Quantum of the Seas currently sails cruises in China ranging from 4 to 5 nights.


On November 2014, during the Inaugural cruise, there were numerous issues reported by passengers about the ship’s general level of service, dining arrangements and amenities. Among the most common complaints were: delayed embarkation, long queues along the gangways, delayed luggage deliveries to cabins, limited bath amenities, bathrooms had only round soaps and no gel/shampoo, limited general store merchandise, insufficient tables in the buffet restaurant, and a poorly manned Reception Desk.

On April 29, 2015, three cruise ships, the Quantum of the Seas, Enchantment of the Seas, and the Norwegian Gem, assisted in a rescue operation searching for an yachtsman who fell overboard from his boat. Soon a USCG helicopter arrived in the area, and 1 hour later the man was found and rescued alive.

On August 31, 2015, after an 8-day round trip cruise from Shanghai to Japan, the cruise ship docked in home port of Shanghai for disembarkation, when a large group of Royal Caribbean Quantum cruise passengers started a protest. The incident was caused by 300 disgruntled passengers disputing over a major itinerary change. All of them refused to disembark. The scheduled itinerary included 3 call ports in Japan, Hiroshima, Tokyo and Kobe. Due to weather concerns, the original itinerary was changed with the Japanese ports being substituted with South Korean. As compensation, during the whole cruise Royal Caribbean provided all Quantum passengers with free Wi-Fi Internet and specialty dinners with lobster meals. The protesting passengers demanded a refund for the altered route. Dispute talks between the shipowner RCI, local authorities, and the protesting passengers lasted 7 hours, when all passengers left (some were forcibly removed from) the ship. By the international maritime laws, the Captain is fully authorized to cancel port stops or make itinerary changes based on a specific situation.

On November 5, 2014, the ship was on its Transatlantic re-positioning crossing from Europe to Caribbean. The itinerary was from Southampton to Cape Liberty port, New York, and without any call ports along the route. Due to a medical emergency, the vessel diverted from its course and stopped in the Azores. A male passenger sustained an injury on the FlowRider incident. The young man had to be medevaced to undergo an emergency surgery. In the Azores, the ship was met by a pilot boat which picked up and transported the injured man to a local hospital.

On December 29, 2014, after the ship docked in home port of Bayonne, New Jersey, a 25-year-old male crew was arrested by FBI agents on charges for sexually assaulting a female passenger. The statute defined as crimes of knowingly engaging in a sexual contact with an adult female. The man intentionally touched her genitals, directly and through her clothing, and without her permission. The incident occurred on Dec 23, while the ship was operating on a Bahamas cruise from home port of Cape Liberty. The Royal Caribbean employee worked on the ship as a cabin attendant. On this position, he was provided with a master key giving him an access to all cruise cabins, including the victim’s. While he was off duty, he entered the woman’s cabin and while she was asleep he touched her genitals. When she awoke, she pushed him off and tried to leave the cabin. He pulled her back, then threatened that if she told anyone, he would burn the ship down. The defendant appeared in a federal court in Newark on Dec 29, 2014. On April 23, 2015, he pleaded guilty of abusive sexual contact, facing up to 3 years in jail. On August 5, 2015, he was sentenced to 13 months in federal prison.

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