Royal Caribbean Passengers Will Now Be Allowed to Take to the Skies


Let me just go on the record and say that I saw this coming. Me and everybody else. On Wednesday, Royal Caribbean announced that passengers will now be allowed to bring drones on board their ships. This new permission comes under one circumstance: no flying the drone on the ship or inside the port. I think this is fair. Even if you tried to fly a drone off of the ship, all of the steel would interfere with the compass, and you would inevitably lose your drone. However, in port this is a really neat toy to have if you're into photography like I am.

Carnival Cruise Line has a similar policy, and I am sure Norwegian Cruise Line is soon to follow. I mean, NCL didn't even bat an eye when I brought my drone off and back on the ship in every port. I even got away with flying it up to the ship on Great Stirrup Cay. I got some pretty cool shots, if I do say so myself. When I got the drone up in the air, I had a clear shot of Coco Cay, Royal Caribbean's private island. Even though the airspace was protected, I still got a pretty cool picture with my DJI Mavic Pro (not a sponsor, but if you click on this link and buy the drone then I get a kick back and who doesn't love money so I think everyone who is reading this needs a new drone. I even made this hyperlink really long so you can't miss it thanks) of Majesty of the Seas tendered off the island. However, Royal Caribbean did say that guests will not be permitted to fly on their private islands, Labadee and Coco Cay. Sorry.


Royal Caribbean did consult their legal department on this and made a statement saying, "Guests assume full responsibility for understanding all local authority rules related to drone usage and for obtaining any required permissions for drone operations. Different countries may have different rules. Any liability, including environmental damage from drone usage is the guest's responsibility. Royal Caribbean assumes no liability for guest drones that may be confiscated by local authorities for violating local laws or for any accident or injury resulting from a guest drone flight."

Who knows, maybe cruise lines will soon allow passengers to bring their own life jackets on board, too. Ya know, just in case your drone happens to fly into the water and you have to go save it.

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