WATCH: Taking Flight with Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas

On November 20, the International Space Station celebrated it's 20th anniversary! As a way to honor that milestone, Royal Caribbean just launched today's video, "Taking Flight with Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas: From the First Flight to Landing on Mars, Flight Takes Guests on a Sky-High Journey." Royal Caribbean Productions original, ‘Flight: Dare to Dream’ takes guests on a thrilling journey through time, chronicling humanity’s fascination with flying – from the world’s first commercial flight to Mars in the future to the Wright Brothers’ monumental first flight at Kitty Hawk. Flight is set to make history as one of the most ambitious stage productions to date with the first theater set piece of its kind, the detailed design of Royal Caribbean’s ISS was informed by Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson, who lived 167 days in space and completed 38 hours and 28 minutes over 6 spacewalks in two separate missions.

Thanks to Connor Zito at Royal Caribbean for sending me this video!