Secret Codes Cruise Lines Don't Want You to Know


Cruise lines try their best to keep passengers calm and relaxed while on vacation, which is why they try to hide the following secret codes from you. Operation Bright Star- This signals a medical emergency. This could also be communicated as Mr. Skylight; Alpha, Alpha, Alpha; Code Blue; or Star Code, Star Code, Star Code.

Operation Rising Star- This secret code indicates to the crew that a passenger has died on-board.

Code Red- Code Red is one of the worst. It means that there has been an outbreak of illness, and that the passengers have been quarantined to their staterooms. An outbreak of illness is almost as bad as a fire at sea.

Mr. Mob or Oscar, Oscar, Oscar- These code words signify that someone has gone overboard.

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie- No the security officer is not trying to get Charlie's attention. He's saying that there is a significant security threat on-board.

Echo, Echo, Echo- Someone must have unplugged the captain's Amazon Echo because nobody but the crew understands what he is saying, just like Echo when I try to turn my lights on. This signal actually means that the ship is facing a possible collision with another vessel, or that the ship is battling extreme winds.

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo- Outside of the theater, this secret code indicates that there is a definite fire on-board. It also signifies a serious accident. This may be joined by an alarm.

Seven or more short blasts of the ship's horn- Now, if you've ever been on a cruise, hopefully you payed attention at muster drill, and you know what this means. It tells the passengers that they must proceed to their muster stations immediately.

Delta- Indicates damage to the cruise ship.

Papa- Alerts the crew of an oil spill or some other kind of pollution of the water.

Sierra- Notifies the medical staff that someone needs a stretcher.

When an emergency unfolds on-board, the crew is always prepared and ready to handle whatever situation is thrown at them.