Are Cruise Ships Being Sold on the Internet?


When I came across this, I was astonished. Some of the worlds major cruise lines have listed some of their ships for sail online at The first ship I stumbled across was Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas. It is listed for $300,000,000 USD. I'm not surprised that Royal Caribbean has decided that they want to start selling their older ships, since they have so many new ones planned to join the fleet. However, I was shocked to discover they were selling them on-line.

The listing for Grandeur of the Seas

The second cruise ship I found for sail was the Rhapsody of the Seas, also owned and operated by Royal Caribbean. The Rhapsody is listed for $200,000,000 USD. Both the Grandeur of the Seas and Rhapsody of the Seas are a part of Royal Caribbean's Vision Class cruise ships. Earlier last year in 2016, Royal Caribbean transferred the Splendour of the Seas (also a part of the Vision class) to Thompson Cruises (one of their subsidiary lines). It seems quite obvious that they are trying to get rid of their Vision Class ships.

The listing for Rhapsody of the Seas

The next ship that I found for sail was the Carnival Fantasy. The Carnival Fantasy is currently the oldest ship in the Carnival fleet. It is listed for $100,000,000 USD. I'm not surprised that Carnival is starting to get rid of their Fantasy class cruise ships, since they are the oldest and they have 3 new ships on order.

The listing for Carnival Fantasy

The last two ships I found are from one of Royal Caribbean's subsidiaries, Celebrity Cruises. I did some research and found that the Celebrity Constellation and the Celebrity Millennium are the two ships listed for sail. The Constellation is listed for $400,000,000 USD and the Millennium for $350,000,000 USD. I am kind of surprised that Celebrity wants to sell these ships. They are the oldest ships in the fleet, however they still aren't very old with the Constellation being built in 2002 and the Millennium in 2000.

The listing for Celebrity Constellation

The listing for the Celebrity Millennium

If you are looking to start your own cruise line, and have $1,350,000,000, then you can find all of the listings for each ship down below.

Grandeur of the Seas-

Rhapsody of the Seas-

Carnival Fantasy-

Celebrity Constellation-

Celebrity Millennium-

If you have ever really wanted to sail on any of these ships, do it while you still can.